vivo y11 Price – An Honest Opinion

The Vivo Y11 is a revolutionary Smartphone offering excellent value for money. The device offers a number of features and capabilities that are ideal for a business professional and a student. At an entry level, the Y11 has a single screen which means it is easy to use for both making calls and accessing the web interface. The Vivo Y11 is a perfect tool for students as it makes it easier to access lectures and course notes. It also has a single rear camera which means you can easily upload your photos or videos directly from the phone.

The price of the Y11 is very attractive for an average smartphone. The handset offers a high resolution, 5 megapixel camera as well as front and rear cameras which can be used for video chatting. The connectivity options on the Y11 include USB and GSM /GPRS, meaning the handset can be used abroad. The battery life on the Y11 runs for over 8 hours between charges.

Nokia’s decision to launch the vivo y11 on the pre-paid platform marked a significant milestone for the company. While many companies have tried to adopt this strategy, few have succeeded. vivo y11 The handset offers an impressive amount of value for money despite its relatively low asking price. In fact, this device offers features and technology that are noticeably better than those found on similar smartphones from other manufacturers. The highlight of the Y 11’s design is the curved nature of the screen which is more suited to an individuals’ hand compared to the phone’s standard rectangular form.

The cost of the vivo y11 is a clear advantage over many smartphones from other manufacturers. The device features a single payment point which offers a fast and smooth transaction process. Users also enjoy the facility of direct online access to their phone book. For a small increase in cost, Nokia has certainly created a top performing smartphone.

Nokia has designed the vivo y11 with a tightly sealed design. Despite having a large 6.2 inch display, the phone does not appear too fragile or flimsy. The dual camera setup allows users to take great images even with poor lighting conditions. The vivid color of the screen is complimented by the Adreno processor’s fantastic picture quality.

Although the vivo y11 is the first smartphone from the brand with Dual SIM functionality, it may not be enough to stem the increasing popularity of the device. The release of the Purevision Galaxy S has proven that consumers are still hungry for innovative smartphones. A home run by the smartphone industry, Windows Phone 7 is another product to watch out for. With an increase in demand and a successful launch, Nokia has created a winner with the vivo y11 price.

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