Make Your Style Statement with These Hijabs

Make Your Style Statement with These Hijabs


There used to be a time when hijabs were worn as part of religious duties. Over the time, women have taken the control of their own styles and hijabs have developed into trendier and interesting clothing accessories around the globe. Traditionally, hijabs signify a woman’s sense of modesty, but they are a creative way of expressing your unique fashion statement as well. Hijabs carry a certain cultural heritage and they can give you an elevated touch of elegance for special occasions. Check out our assorted list of the most amazing hijabs that are currently ruling the fashion world.

Underscarf Bonnet


Wearing a hijab is not limited to one simple style only, but rather women prefer to carry different hijab styles for different events. Underscarf bonnets seem to be one of the most exciting choices this year. With two open ends for comforting breathability and adjustable fitting, these hijabs are an all-time favourite of today’s fashionistas. You can wear them under your abayas or even pair them with a cool maxi dress. They are mostly made of stretchable polyester fabric for guaranteed fittings. Find head-only or a neckline covering bonnet to suit your style.     



Shawl is a pure expression of aristocracy and impeccable appearance. No matter how many trends come and go, shawl hijabs will never go out of vogue because of their embedded cultural history. These are not fitted into any specific structures, so you can design them according to your ambience. Shawl hijabs are made of loose-fitting materials and they feel super comfy anytime throughout the year. Where customary block coloured shawls are a popular option, the relatively newer printed shawls are quite a showrunner themselves. Check out the new Modanisa vouchers for latest deals on shawl hijabs.            

Islamic Sport Bonnet


This is a slightly modish variation of the usual underscarf bonnets. It is a more elastic and fashionable hijab with a lot of colour and size options. If you are looking for a hijab to fit your outdoor sporty look, this can be the ultimate look without any doubt. There is no need for extra folding or careful alteration of layers as these hijabs come in a fitted formation. Light and stretchy fabric and vibrant colours are the main perks. On top of that, hese hijabs can also serve the purpose of chic headwear in any casual festival. 

Instant Scarves


If you are a little experimental with your clothing preferences, instant scarves are an outstanding way to explore new horizons. Going beyond the routinely shawl hijabs, these scarves can bring an air of freshness to your wardrobe with their unparalleled approach. Ranging from a wide collection of fabrics such as cotton, khadi, viscose, chiffon to satin and silk, these hijabs are a go-to option for contemporary women. They are easy to wear and even easier to maintain. Added perk? Numerous colour and pattern options. Explore the massive collection of instant scarves at a discounted price with Modanisa coupons.

Panchos and Shawl Wrap


Hijabs are meant to suit the variety of palates and that is what you get with shawl wraps. Stylishly called as Panchos, the shawl wraps are perfect for any grand occasion. They have the glamour of classical shawls, yet they carry the essence of an up to the minute sassy look. You can fold them around your neck, or lay them wide over your body for an extravagant look.   


We hope our suggestions help you find the perfectly suitable hijabs for your every occasion. Keep an eye on this space for more up to date fashion tips!

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